By Maggie O’Neill


Colleagues will know that I have used walking as a (participatory, sensory, arts based) method for some years now and may be interested in a walk that I undertook with Open Clasp Theatre (an award wining women’s theatre company based in Newcastle), a woman’s direct access hostel and Faye. I was invited to run a walk-shop as part of Open clasp’s week long workshop in the hostel. The link to the article by Catrina McHugh, Faye and myself is below.

Walking with Faye from direct access hostel to special place in the city: walking, body&image space. A visual essay

More walks to follow with Rosie Campbell, Shelley Stoops and Nick Mai in the U.K

Here is the link to my walk with Kerry Porth in Vancouver at the missing women’s memorial walk in honour of missing and dead women many of whom were sex workers.

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